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The Analytics Studio provides many helpful tools to save time on financial oversight and reconciliation such as automated and custom reports, dashboards, and more.

In our recent tutorial video, Nekeyvis Starling shares tips and tricks to help you save time on crunching the numbers.


This article highlights tips and tricks to help you quickly finish financial management in Givelify so you can get back to supporting the mission of your organization.


To access donations, click Donations on the right-side of the screen.
Donations shows you quickly see how much money was raised during a specific period of time, such as last week, last month, or this year.
To filter donations by a timeframe, click on This Year: drop-down and select a preset or custom time frame of your choice.
In addition, you can easily see how many donations came in to support specific causes, such as the building fund or for the children's ministry, by looking at Envelope / Campaign specific giving.
Filter donations by Envelope / Campaign by clicking the Envelopes: all drop-down and choosing specific envelopes of interest.
Click on the View details drop-down on the right-side of the donation to see in-depth information about each donation, including the receipt number, envelope name, donation amount, fees, and net donation.
Finally, view more information about each donor, such as their contact information, donation history, and messages, by clicking on the donor's name to be taken to their donor profile.

Bank Deposits

To access Bank Deposits click on Bank Deposits on the right-hand navigation menu.

This tab provides a break down of daily bank deposits to help make reconciliation a breeze.  You can easily see all the donations included in each daily deposit. This is a great tool for managing organizational finances as you can quickly check each week for the bank deposits you expected, ensuring the numbers add up as expected.

When on the Bank Deposits screen, you can filter deposits by a specified time frame by clicking the This Year: drop-down and choosing which preset or custom time-frame you'd like to see.


In addition, filter each Bank Deposit by their transaction status - whether they have posted to your bank account or whether they are still pending.

By clicking a deposit in the Deposit amount column, you'll be shown a total list of donations included in the deposit and detailed information on each deposit, such as donation date / time, donor, total amount donated, fees, the net deposit, and which Envelope / Campaign the donation was directed for.



Finally, click on Refunds to view any refunds issued to your account following a request from donors.


Givelify provides in-depth automated reports to help make reconciliation a breeze.  To learn more about how to generate and download these reports, read this help article.

Reports included with the Analytics Studio include:

  • Donations- This report includes all donations that have been made during the specified timeframe and displays the following information:
  • Bank deposits– This report includes all the deposits made to your organization’s bank account during the specified timeframe and is formatted by date so you can easily match the deposits to your bank statement.
  • Donations by envelope- This report includes disbursement date, and gross and net envelope or campaign donation amounts that have been made during the specified timeframe to provide insights into your organization's campaigns and projects. It is also compatible with QuickBooks Online.
  • Donations by donor- This report includes disbursement date, and gross and net envelope donation amounts and fees so you can see who gave how much, with data organized by contributor. It is also compatible with QuickBooks Online.


The Analytics Studio integrations with a large number of Church Management and financial management systems, including:

If you're interested in learning more about our available integrations or getting support from our team to set up an integration for your organization, please reach out to us at

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