How to find refunded donations

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You can view the donations that have been refunded on the Refunds page under Bank deposits or generate the Bank deposits report.

View Refunds

To view the Refunds page for your account, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit and sign in to your organization's account.
  2. Select Bank deposits and then select the Refunds tab.
    To narrow the display of refunds, filter by a time period or envelope.  

    The total refund amount is displayed in the upper right corner on the page. The date and time the donation was submitted is displayed beneath the donor
    ’s name, and the date the refund was processed is displayed in the upper right corner next to the refunded amount.

  3. Select View donation details to view more information about the donation and how it was processed. 

Generate Bank Deposits Report

To run the Bank deposit report, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Reports and navigate to the Bank deposits report (for Data exports) or Disbursements (for Legacy reports). 
  2. Select the Select date range drop-down and choose the date range for the refund. If you choose Custom dates, specify the Start Date and End Date for the report.
  3. Select Generate Report A message is displayed in a banner in the upper portion of the page indicating that the report has been successfully exported.
  4. Select the View Report History link in the banner on the Bank deposits report page or select Report History in the navigation pane.
  5. Find the report in the list (most recent at top) and click the Download link in the File column to download it to your computer.
  6. Open the report on your computer and view the deposit and refund amounts for the specified time period.  

For information about how to request a refund, see this article. 


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