What you can learn from data in the Analytics Studio

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The Givelify Analytics Studio is an incredibly powerful and versatile platform empowering your organization to:

  • Set up their giving profile to attract and accept donations
  • Offer multiple methods for giving, such as online or mobile giving
  • See all incoming donations and drill down on details such as cause, date, donor and more
  • Understand who is giving to your organization, how much they give, and how often they give
  • Reconcile donations against your bank account records for audit purposes

With an immense amount of data and built-in reporting, your organization leaders can use the Analytics Studio to understand the state of giving in their place of worship or nonprofit and adjust strategic plans accordingly.

What data is available in the Analytics Studio

By using built-in reporting and analyzing data, you can learn some of the following from the Analytics Studio:

  • What percentage of your donors are consistently giving to your congregation or nonprofit versus new donors
  • What donors are giving less consistently than they did before
  • What is the total amount given by donors to your congregation or nonprofit this year
  • Which of your envelopes/campaigns are attracting the most donations
  • How your giving this year compares to last year’s giving trends

How to use data to adjust strategic plans

Below are a few examples of how you could use information in the Analytics Studio to respond to shifts in giving:

Scenario 1: Your annual gift per donor increases over last year

In this scenario, the Analytics Studio dashboard (Overview) shows you the total amount donated for the current year and the total number of donors who have given to your organization.


You can filter the time period by selecting the Timeframe (This Year) drop-down and choosing different time periods or specifying custom timeframes to compare donation time periods accordingly.

If you see your total gift per donor (total donations/total donors) has increased, this metric is an excellent indicator of overall capital campaign / fundraising success.

If your organization is raising more money per donor than in prior years, your leaders should diagnose why this shift happened and how to continue to propel the trend forward.

A few key questions that leaders may want to ask:

Are my donors giving consistently?

By using the Giving style feature, you can see what percentage of donors give consistently, are first time givers, are inactive, or are decreasing in their giving.  Research shows individuals who give consistently are more likely to give more over the course of a year. If you find you have a higher percentage of givers who contribute to your mission consistently than before, you can use this knowledge to encourage those who do give consistently to maintain their giving habits.

See who is a consistent donor by selecting the Donors tab in the left menu and then selecting the Giving style drop-down to filter by Consistent


This will show you a list of your donors who give consistently. You can personally thank these donors by writing hand-written notes, emailing them, or personally reaching out in-person. Show your gratitude for these donors and encourage them to share with others as part of their continued giving journey.

What is the cause attracting the most donations?

On the Analytics Studio dashboard (Overview), scroll down to the bottom of the page to see your giving trends. This graph highlights the total amount raised per month in the given period, separated by envelope or campaign.


Use this information to see if a specific envelope or campaign is eliciting more donations than others. If so, try to explore ways you can continue to increase these donations, such as highlighting this cause at an upcoming event and raising funds using a Givelithon, promoting it through your social media channels and including your Givelify Social Giving buttons, or printing cards with your personalized Snap-To-Give QR Code attached and placing them on seats before weekly faith-based services.

Scenario 2: Your overall giving has decreased this year compared to last year

In this scenario, organization leaders can use reporting in the Analytics Studio to see if your total giving has increased or decreased this year, compared to last.

The Analytics Studio dashboard shows you the total amount donated for the current year, by default.


You can filter the time period using the timeframe drop-down (This Year) to the right of overview. This will allow you to select a similar time period to last year.

You can filter the time period by selecting the timeframe (This Year) drop-down and choosing Last Year or a similar time period in the previous year.

If you see that your total donations this year are lower than those received in a similar time period from last year, evaluate your annual fundraising strategy and see if there may be areas to boost giving.

First, use the Analytics Studio dashboard to filter and see the total number of donors this year compared to last year. If this number has decreased and the average donation value is stable, you may be able to conclude that the lower revenue count is due to less donors giving overall.

If this is the case, evaluate the number of first time or inconsistent donors in your congregation using the Giving styles feature. Intentionally reach out to these new donors to thank them for their gift and share a story of the impact the gift made on your organization.

Using Giving styles, filter to see any donors who are decreasing in giving consistency. These individuals may need a little extra push and encouragement to keep their consistent giving habits.  Remind members that they can set up Giving Reminders in their Givelify App to automatically remind them to act on their generosity at a time of their choosing. When they give a gift and add a comment, personally reply to their gift, thanking them for their generosity.

Log in to Analytics Studio to improve your fundraising strategy today

We have covered some high-level ways organization leaders can use data built into the Givelify Analytics Studio to better understand the state of giving for your organization and adjust strategic plans accordingly.

Take a minute to log in to the Analytics Studio today and begin exploring all data, built-in reporting, and advanced insights offered so you can take your annual fundraising strategy to the next level.


Feel free to contact our Customer Support team at support@givelify.com if you have any further questions.

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