How to set up a giving reminder

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Donors can set up a reminder to get a notification on the app Home screen to remind them to give to the organization of their choice. The reminder can be set up from the Home screen after completing a donation or on the Profile > Reminders screen.

Set up reminder from Home screen

After making a donation and closing the thank you screen, you are prompted to set up a reminder. Follow these simple steps to set up a reminder.

Note: If you do not want to set up a reminder, tap Not now, thanks!

  1. Select the frequency (Every week, Every other week, or Every month).
  2. Select the Day you would like to be reminded.
    • If you selected Every week or Every other week, select the day of the week. 

    • If you selected Every month, scroll to the day of the month or choose Last Day.

  3. Select Set a reminder to save the reminder. The reminder is displayed in the upper portion of the Home screen. The time is recorded to the nearest quarter-hour from when the reminder was created. 

Set up or edit reminder from Profile menu

You can also set up or modify a giving reminder from the Profile menu.

  1. Select Profile > Reminders and enable Your Giving Reminder.
  2. Select How often and choose Every Week, Every other week, or Monthly.  
  3. Choose the day of the week or month. You can also choose Last Day of month.
  4. Choose the time of day the reminder should be sent to you.
  5. Select Update.

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