Why donations may not appear in your donation history or Annual Giving Summary

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Givelify only reports on donations that are made through the Givelify platform. If you made donations with cash, checks or another platform, those will not be reflected in your Givelify donation history or Annual Giving Summary.
It's also possible that you accidentally created multiple accounts and your donations are split between those accounts. To see all your giving history in one place, simply send an email to support@givelify.com and provide all the email addresses you have used to sign into Givelify so we can merge the accounts for you.
Occasionally, your giving history may appear incorrect after the phone or account has been updated. Please sign out of your account and then sign in again. If your donation history is still incorrect, please submit a support request.
Feel free to contact our Customer Support team at support@givelify.com if you have any further questions.

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