How to use the Your Giving snapshot in the app

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The Your Giving feature enables you to quickly access a snapshot of your giving history from the Home screen of the app instead of going to the History tab in your Profile.

Note: You must have version 3.19 of the Givelify app installed to see this feature, and must have already made at least one donation.

Follow these steps to use the Your Giving feature:

  1. Log into the Givelify app.
  2. In the lower portion of the screen, select Your Giving.
  3. Select the Year from the drop-down list to see a snapshot of your giving history for the selected year.
  4. View the following information on the page:
    • Overall summary of your gifts for the selected year (number of gifts and total amount given).
    • Calendar view that shows the number of gifts per month.
    • Comparison of your generosity for the past two years (for years where gifts were made).
    • Organizations that you have given to the most, those closest to your heart. 
  5. To get a PDF of your giving summary, select Send in the lower portion of the screen. Your summary will be sent to the email address on file in your app profile.

Note: You can still use History tab to view a transactional history for keeping track of individual donations in chronological order.


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