How to change/delete your credit or debit card information

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If you want to delete your credit card and add a new credit card, follow these steps:

Note: Givelify is working on a feature that allows you to simply edit your credit card information. For now, you must delete the existing card and then add the new card details.

Delete Your Credit Card Information

You must first delete your current credit card information:

  1. In the Givelify app, log in to your giving account.
  2. Select Profile in the lower right corner on the Home screen.
  3. Select Wallet. You will see all cards in your wallet.
  4. Select Delete next to the credit card you want to remove. If you delete your Preferred Card, you must select a new one.

Add a New Card to Your Wallet and Begin Donating

  1. Select the organization, gift, and designated envelope for your donation.
  2. On the Gift Summary screen, select Change Card.
  3. Select Add New Card and enter your new card information.
  4. Select Give Now.
    The card is added to your Wallet and can be used for giving.

Note: If you need to delete your old card but do not want to give at this time, you can wait until your next donation to add the new card.


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