How to get started using Givelify

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You have heard great things about how the Givelify app can benefit your organization, and you are ready to sign up. We are happy to have you on board!

Getting started using Givelify is easy and involves these steps:

Step 1 - Sign up your organization to use Givelify

The first step in getting started using Givelify is to create an account and activate it.

See How to sign up your organization to use Givelify for complete instructions.

Step 2 - Register your account to receive donations

You are now ready to set up your Givelify account to receive donations. This includes setting up next-day deposits, providing your tax information, specifying your organization’s primary representative, and customizing your profile. The setup menu helps you get easily set up to start receiving donations and accessing the features in the Analytics Studio. You can perform the tasks in any order you choose.

  • Set up next-day deposits
  • Enter Tax ID information
  • Add primary representative

See How to register your account to receive donations for complete instructions.

Step 3 - Customize your profile

As part of the account setup process, it is recommended that you customize your profile to build recognition and participation with your donors. You can upload an image that identifies your organization, add your faith leader for places of worship, and include a mission statement. This information is displayed in the Givelify app to your donors.

See How to customize your organization’s Givelify profile for complete instructions.

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