How do I view and reply to memos in donations to my nonprofit?

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When your donors include a memo in their donations to your nonprofit organization, you can view and reply from your Givelify Dashboard.

  1. Next to the Donors tab in your dashboard, you will now see a Memos tab. Click that link to view memos.
  2. Any donations that include a memo line will be listed including the donor name, the date the donation was received, and a Read/Unread indicator.
  3. To reply to a memo, click Reply and type your message in the pop-up window. Your response is limited to 140 characters.
  4. To mark a memo as read without replying, check the Read box.

Memos will be sorted chronologically, with the newest memos appearing at the top of the list. You can reply more than once to a memo, and an email will be sent to the donor for each response.

Note: donors will not be able reply to your email response. If you are expecting a reply from the donor, please include contact instructions.

Settings for Organization Officials

Only officers in your account who have been granted access will be able to view and reply to memos. The account owner will have full access by default. Every official with View or View/Edit access to donations will automatically have the same permissions for memos.

To grant other officials access, log into your Givelify dashboard and follow these instructions:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Officers
  3. Click the Permissions button next to the appropriate officer’s name
  4. Click the blue on/off button next to Memos to enable permission
  5. Using the drop-down box, select Read Only or Read/Write
  6. Click the blue Update button to save

What Permission Levels Mean

  • No Access: that official will not be able to see the memo portal.
  • Read Only: that official can view memos but cannot reply.
  • Read/Write: that official can read and reply to memos.

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