How long do donations take to process?

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  • Donations made before 9:00 PM Eastern are deposited into your account the next business day
  • Donations made after 9:00 PM Eastern are deposited into your account within two (2) business days

Weekends and Holidays

  • Donations made on weekends and holidays are deposited into your account the next business day

How Disbursements Are Labeled

During the initial setup time for your Givelify account, donations will be manually disbursed by ACH within three (3) to five (5) business days. ACH deposits with the description “Givelify, LLC.

Once your account is fully verified, automatic deposits into your bank account will have the description “5/3 – BANKCARD SYS DEPOSIT.

5/3 stands for Fifth Third Bank, the financial institution that owns our credit and debit card processor, Vantiv.

How Disbursements Are Batched

Donations are always disbursed in batches rather than individually. You can choose to run either the Disbursements report or the Donations report when reconciling with your bank statement.

Depending on volume donations may be split into two to three disbursements. In this case you will need to total up the disbursement amounts shown in the Givelify dashboard, and then do the same for the deposits made into your bank account.

For donations made on weekdays there is a higher chance of the disbursement amount shown in the Givelify dashboard matching the amount deposited in the bank account.

About Transaction Fees

The transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 is charged before deposits are made. You will not and cannot be invoiced at a later time.

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