Can my spouse and I share a Givelify account?

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You and your spouse may share a donor account in the Givelify app. You both can log into the Givelify app from different phones using the same login information.

If you each wish to use different credit or debit cards, you will need to add each card individually following these instructions.

You will also need to make sure the name on your Givelify account reflects that it is for two people so your church or nonprofit knows it is a shared account.

For security purposes, to add your spouse’s name to your account, you must submit a support request with Givelify to update the name.

If you currently have separate accounts and would like to combine them, submit a support request including the names and email addresses on the accounts you want merge.

Keep in mind that donation receipts will only be sent to the one email address on file with your account, and your donation histories will be combined.

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