How do I add my assigned envelope number to my giving account?

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Many churches and religious organizations use envelope numbers to identify members within their financial or church management software. This makes bookkeeping including sending out giving statements easier.

Before you can add your envelope number to your Givelify profile, your place of worship needs to enable this feature. Once they have done so, the next time your make a donation, the receipt screen will show an option to add your envelope number.

Note: The option to add your envelope number is only available in the mobile app. This feature is not yet available in the online giving form.

What if I don’t see that option?

If your church or other place of worship uses envelope numbers and you don’t yet see the option to add yours, please speak with an official at the organization and ask them to enable this feature.

What if I added my envelope number to my name?

If you added your envelope number to the name that appears in your profile, please contact support and request that it be removed.

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