How to assign Donor/Member IDs or Fund Codes

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Assign Member ID to Donor 

To assign the Member IDs or Envelope numbers from your organization's management system to your Givelify donors, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit and sign in to your organization's account.
  2. Select Donors. 
  3. Find the donor and select Assign in the Member # column. 
  4. Enter the Member ID or Envelope Number, and then select Save.  

Assign Fund Name or ID to Envelopes 

To assign your Fund name or ID from your church management system to Givelify envelopes, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Manage envelopes/campaigns.
  2. On the Active tab, select Create Envelope or Create Campaign to create a new envelope/campaign or select an existing envelope and Edit it.
  3. Enter the Fund Name or ID used in your management system that corresponds to the envelope. 
  4. Select Save. 

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