How to view and reply to messages in donations

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When a donor includes a message in their donation, you can view and reply to the message from the Donation Activity page in the Givelify Analytics Studio. To view and reply to a message, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit and sign in to your organization's account.
  2. Select Donations. 
  3. Filter the donation activity by Messages > Unreplied Messages.
    Any donations that include a message line are listed including the donor name, donation date, and amount. Messages are sorted chronologically, with the newest appearing at the top of the list. 
  4. View the message included in the donation. 
  5. Enter a reply in the Send a message text box.
    o add another line to the reply, press Shift+Enter on your keyboard, type your message, and then press Enter to submit it.


  • Your response is limited to 140 characters. 
  • Donors cannot reply to your response so be sure to include contact information if you need a response.
  • Messages are sorted chronologically, with the newest message appearing at the top of the list.  

Settings for Admins 

Only Admins in your organization can view and reply to messages. To grant a user the Admin permission, follow these steps: 

  1. Visit analytics.givelify.comand sign in to your organization’s account.  
  2. Select Settings > Users. 
  3. Select the Actions (...) next to the user and choose Edit User. 
  4. In the Permissions area, select the Admin permission and then select Save. 

For complete information about permission levels, see Givelify User Permissions.


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