How to invite/add users to your campus

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Once your organization’s campus is set up and approved, you can begin inviting users to the campus. Follow these steps to invite users to your campus account:

  1. Visit and sign in to your organization’s account. 
  2. Select the drop-down arrow next to your organization's name in the upper left navigation menu and choose the campus you would like to manage.
  3. Select Settings > Users > Invite New User.
    Alternatively, you can select Add users in the Actions (...) menu on the Campuses page. 
  4. Enter the new user’s First name, Last name, Title, and Email address and then select Next.
    Note: If your organization is a place of worship, the Faith leader is displayed in the upper portion of the Users page. If the Faith leader was added during the setup process or in the App Profile, they do not yet have permission to the Analytics Studio. Select Invite to Givelify to invite the Faith leader to join your campus.
  5. Select the permission to be granted to the new user:
    • Basic – This permission is typically given to users involved with marketing and fundraising activities. They can manage app profile settings, envelopes and campaigns, and use the fundraising tools. They have no access to financial records.
    • Financial coordinator – This permission is typically given to users who manage finances for the organization. They have all privileges of the basic user plus can export data, ensure accuracy of reconciled finances, and communicate with donors. They have no access to bank accounts or users.
    • Admin – This permission grants the user full access to all features in the Analytics Studio.
  6. Select Invite.
    An email is sent that includes an activation link, which expires after 24 hours of being issued. If the link expires, an Admin can select Resend invitation on the Users page.
  7. Select Add Another User and repeat the procedure, or exit the dialog. You can also select Back to Users to return the Users page.

Feel free to contact our Customer Support team at if you have any further questions.

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