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Introducing the new Givelify Analytics Studio  

Givelify now has a new Analytics Studio with several new features and some navigation changes. No more clunky and complicated User Interface – we’ve made it even easier for you to use Givelify!  

You will be able to view and manage your donor and donation informationview analytics and insights from your giving data, communicate with your donors, and reconcile with external financial systems! All of this while saving you time and effort when it comes to accounting and providing you more tools to engage with your donors to increase giving. 

New and Improved Navigation Bar

What’s the function of a new navigation menu, and why would you need one? You’ll notice the Navigation is the core of the site, supporting the overall content and information so that it can be neatly, visually, and clearly displayed in a way that you can better find the parts of the page most applicable to you and what you would like to do with our product. 

Terminology Changes

With the overhaul of our previous branding and user interface design, you’ll start to notice that some of the terms you often associated with our page have gone through some changes. Don’t worry, we’ve detailed the changes below to better assist you. 

  • Home Your homepage details will now be listed under a title labeled Overview. On your Overview page, you will be able to access the same charts and graphs listed on your former  homepage, with additional data including donor giving patterns and giving trends by envelopes. 
  • Disbursements The tab which filtered donations by the disbursed date with net totals will now be found under the tab titled Bank Deposits. 
  • Memos Memos will now be called Messages and you’ll notice that the Messages will be located on your Donation Activity page where you can easily reply to them. They can also be found on the Donor profile under “Message History.”  
  • Lead Officer The representative whose image is shown on the App profile for places of worship and appeared at the top of the Officers page will now be known as Faith Leader and is no longer required to be registered as a User. 
  • Officers This term will be known in the new Analytics Studio aUsers 

Donor Types

It’s finally here, a feature several of you have been asking about! Our AI based algorithm analyzes your donor giving patterns and classifies them based on how often your donors give. The primary classifications include Consistent, Occasional, New, Declining, and Inactive. 

You can find these categories on your Overview page in a donut chart, and you can also filter by, and view, the donors belonging to these categories on your Donors page.  

See Understanding donor type analytics for more information.

Viewing Refunds

You’ll notice that we’ve removed Refunds from the Overview page to focus on your Givelify Analytics. Moving forward, refunds will be found directly on your Refunds tab. We have also added the date of refund in addition to the refund’s donation date for easier reconciliation. 

See How to find refunded donations for more information. 

Reports and Data Exports

Your favorite report of the month, the Bank Deposits report, is now available to run directly from the Analytics Studio! All legacy reports, along with this brand-new option, will be available from your Reports pageReconciliation at your fingertips; Year End accounting just got easier.

See How to generate Givelify reports for more information.  

User Account Permissions

We’re making it easier for you to add new users to your Givelify account. Permissions have been summarized into three easy tiers:

  • Basic – This permission is typically given to users involved with marketing and fundraising activities. They can manage app profile settings, envelopes and campaigns, and use the fundraising tools. They have no access to financial records.
  • Financial coordinator – This permission is typically given to users who manage finances for the organization. They have all privileges of the basic user plus can export data, ensure accuracy of reconciled finances, and communicate with donors. They have no access to bank accounts or users.
  • Admin – This permission grants the user full access to all features in the Analytics Studio.

See How to set or modify user permissions to customize what they see in the Analytics Studio for more information.

Integrate your Banking Information

Givelify has a new feature to ensure quicker and easier bank account verification for your organization account. There is no longer a need to wait 1-3 days for bank account verifications! When you connect Givelify to your bank account directly, you’ll receive immediate verification so that you can start seeing your donations immediately deposited. 

Integrate your Donor’s Donations

Givelify is now offering six brand new integrations for our top used Management Systems. To learn more about Givelify’s Integrations please visit our page or the help topics here

Fundraising Tools

All of the tools that help you raise funds including Website Giving, Social Giving, and Givelithon options are now available in Fundraising tools in the Analytics Studio.

With our new Online Giving page, not only can you get the code to add a Givelify button to your web page, but you can share it with your website developers or whoever runs your website even if they do not have a Givelify account.

Then, on our Social Giving page, not only can you get just the Browser Giving Link you’ve always known, now you will have the ability to share to your social network directly from Givelify 

Givelithon also has a brand new look and interface that will help supercharge your fundraising efforts. 

See Fundraising Tools for more information.

Big Improvements and Big Changes! 

As always, if there is ever need for any further assistance, we will be happy to support you the whole way through. Feel free to send emails and reach out to with any questions or reach out to our wonderful Success team to connect with your own personal Givelify Success Coach for 3.0 walkthrough. 


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