What to do if your organization doesn’t appear in the search results during signup

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If your organization does not appear in the search results, follow these steps to manually add it: 

  1. In a web browser, visit the Givelify signup page. 
  2. Select Receive Donations As An Organization and then select Start. 
  3. Enter your organization name or phone number, or city, state, and zip code in the fields and select Search.

    Note: It is recommended that you use all search options (organization’s name or phone number, city and state, or zip code) before adding a new organization. 

  4. If your organization is not found, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Sign up manually. If you organization is not displayed, select the Can’t find your organization link in the upper right corner below the search bar. 
  5. Enter your organization’s name, street address, zip code, city and state, and phone number in the fields and select OK. 
  6. Select your organization type (Place of WorshiporCharitable Non-Profit) and then select OK. 
  7. Enter your First and Last Name as an Officer of the account and select OK. 
  8. Enter your official Title at the organization and selectOK. 
  9. Enter the Email Address you want associated with your account login and selectOK. 
  10. Enter your personal phone number as an officer of the account and selectOK. 
  11. Review the information and then select Continue. If you need to make changes, select Back. 
  12. Enter a password to be used to log into your account. Once your organization is set up, you canadd more admins to access the Givelify account under their own login. 
  13. Check both boxes to confirm that you are an authorized official of the organization and that you agree to Givelify’s Terms of Use. 
  14. Select Submit. 

An email will be sent to the address provided. To activate your account, select the link in the email. 


Feel free to contact our Customer Support team at support@givelify.com if you have any further questions.

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