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Save Time with Updated Envelope Management

We are rolling out improvements to how you raise and direct donations to your organization’s most impactful projects and causes.

Our updated envelope management makes it lightning-fast to set up and raise money for projects such as building funds, children’s ministry, and other initiatives.  

Look forward to:

  • Creating and managing envelopes in record time
  • Quickly showing envelopes to your givers and to over 1.2 million givers on Givelify 
  • Easily reordering envelopes with new auto-saving features

We moved some things around and updated labels so you can quickly edit envelopes in Givelify. This update is part of a larger effort to make it incredibly easy for you to finish tasks and maximize end-of-year fundraising in Givelify!

Updated labels

First, active and inactive envelopes will now be referred to as “Shown to donors” and “Hidden from donors” so you always know which envelopes are visible to donors. In addition, the term “Givers” is now replaced with “Donors.”


Quickly make edits

The Shown and Hidden envelopes will now be displayed on the same page instead of being on separate tabs. This will help you update envelopes in record time.


If accessing the Giving Analytics Studio on a mobile device, you will still see two tabs for Shown and Hidden, due to there being less space available on a mobile device screen. 

Quickly show or hide envelopes from your donors with our new “Show to donors” toggle.  Once available only in the edit screen, this feature is now front and center so you can quickly highlight your most impactful envelopes to donors.


New auto-save functionality makes reordering envelopes a breeze; as you drag and drop envelopes, the system will automatically save changes, updating in real-time.


Easily create new or edit existing envelopes

When you create a new envelope or edit an existing envelope, see a full-screen experience versus the current experience of a pop-up box, providing additional screen space so editing options are very clear.


As you can see in the screenshot above, we’ve updated several labels and options so every person can easily manage envelopes, regardless of experience working with Givelify.

Some changes include:

  • Delete option has been moved to the top right for increased visibility
  • Updated the help text “Used with church or donor management systems” to clarify the use of the Fund name or ID
  • Updated the description “How long should this envelope be shown to donors?” to clarify the goal of envelope expiration dates
  • Updated the description “Is there a specific amount you want to raise for this envelope?” to clarify the purpose of using envelope goal targets
  • Updated the help text “Used for internal tracking and Givelithons” to clarify what envelope goal targets are used for

Get in Touch

We couldn’t be more excited about these upcoming changes to make it easy for you to create and manage envelopes in Givelify.  

If you have any questions or feedback on these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at



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